The host at your holiday home in Berchtesgaden

From rock star to hotel manager: Peter and the Ferienparadies Alpenglühn

Peter Juhre used to tour around the world with music stars such as Tina Turner, Cliff Richard, and Bonnie Tyler, and with his own, very successful bands “Vice” and “Wet Paint”. He lived his rock ‘n’ roll life as a professional musician to the fullest. After Peter gave up his career as a musician he made his childhood dream come true with the Ferienparadies Alpenglühn. Due to his own experience as a guest in numerous good and bad hotels and as the son of a hotel director he knows what guests want the most from a holiday home in Berchtesgaden.

Süd Menschen – Peter im Regionalfernsehen Oberbayern (RFO) Teil II

This is the second part of the video of Luca-Emilia Dingl and Christian Frania of RFO at our Ferienparadies Alpenglühn. In the first part, Luca-Emilia presents a long interview with Peter about his career as a Rock Musician.

In the second part, she throws a glance into the flats of our Five-Star-Appartements.

Peter Juhre

Peter Juhre

Portrait at RFO Part II

Peter Juhre

Peter Juhre

- Portrait at RFO Part I

“Süd Menschen” – Peter at Regionalfernsehen Oberbayern

The next video about our Ferienparadies Alpenglühn is online. In two parts. It was June 2018, when Luca-Emilia Dingl und Christian Frania of RFO came into our Alpenglühnbei. They did a long exclusive interview with Peter and hat a look at our Five-Star-Holiday-Appartements.

In the first part you find an interesting interview Peter and his past as a Rock-musician.

Peter at Sat.1 in “Weck up”


Learn more about Peter Juhre’s diverse life as a rock star, concert promoter and hotel manager. And how his low point allowed him to soar – as the host of the five-star Ferienparadies.

Tip: watch his WDR show “Wunderschön” as well!

Peter at Sat.1 in Weck up

Peter at Sat.1 in Weck up

with his Ferienparadies Alpenglühn

Peter Juhre and family

Peter Juhre and family

Hosts at your holiday home in Berchtesgaden

Peter’s place of yearning

That Peter ended up in Berchtesgaden of all places in the world is a matter of fate, Or a good star brought him and his family to the place that makes him completely happy and gives him all the peace and serenity that he’d been dreaming of. Being a hotel manager, Peter returns to his own family roots: a homecoming in a double sense for the dedicated host.

Peter’s philosophy as a host

Cosmopolitan, cordial and hospitable

  • Personal, cordial assistance by your host Peter
  • Cosmopolitan atmosphere and casual, friendly ambiance
  • Numerous joint activities and trips with guests
  • Flexible holiday layout: catering and activities can be booked day-by-day
  • The Alpenglühn is a holiday resort for all ages
  • There’s nothing that can’t be done: all wishes are fulfilled if possible
  • Cordial hospitality is a way of life at the Alpenglühn
  • If you’re happy, the entire team has reached its goal!
Five-star holiday homes

Five-star holiday homes

The highest award for a perfect holiday

Rock ’n’ roll star bass player P. J.

Rock ’n’ roll star bass player P. J.

In the classic 80s & 90s rock style

Come as a guest, return as a friend!
Your stay at the Ferienparadies Alpenglühn


When Peter does something, he’s fully dedicated and passionate. That’s what he did during his career as a rock musician, that’s what he does today. Only those that really believe in what they’re doing inspire others. That’s Peter’s motto.

Look forward to lovingly furnished holiday homes in Berchtesgaden, to culinary delights and genial hours with your hosts. A holiday with Peter isn’t just another stay, it’s a full-on experience. Become an Alpenglühn fan, a regular and a friend!

Berchtesgaden in Bavaria

Berchtesgaden is a genuine place of yearning for many people. The striking mountain peaks of the Watzmann, the mysterious Königssee with its unique echo, the green Alps and the historic towns nearby: the Berchtesgadener Land is a place of unbelievable abundance. Peter joins poet Ludwig Ganghofer in gushing “Those that love God, those He lets fall into this land!” Discover this very charming holiday in southern Germany yourself.

Peter's place of yearning

Peter's place of yearning

Beautiful Berchtesgaden in Bavaria

Is a holiday in a five-star holiday home in Berchtesgaden exactly what you’re dreaming of?
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