Königssee cruise, Malerwinkel and Jennerbahn

Only a few minutes away: your holiday home in Berchtesgaden

Among the numerous destinations you can discover while on holiday in the Berchtesgadener Land, the Königssee is one of the most beautiful and mysterious without a doubt. The lake, caved into the foot of the mighty Watzmann like a fjord, is a mystical witness to the last Ice Age, which immediately captivates its visitors. Glide across the intensely dark alpine lake all-year round by ship and visit St. Bartholomä, the destination of numerous pilgrims. Or embark on a hike near the lake, for example to the ice chapel or onto the Jenner.

Staying near the Königssee

Your holiday home in the Ferienparadies Alpenglühn is only nine kilometres away from the hiking and nature paradise Königssee. Cover this distance by car within eleven minutes. Take the B 305 to the roundabout at Berchtesgaden station, then take the B 20 to Schönau and go to the parking facilities at the Königssee ship landing stage. Alternatively, you can take a 20-minute bike trip.

The holiday region around the Königssee is crossed by numerous marked hiking and bike trails. Walkers, hikers and mountaineers find a great selection of tours. The hiking trail “An der Königssee Ache” was even voted the most beautiful hiking trail in the category “land & nature” by the Deutscher Volkssportverband in 2016! Due to its easy route, this idyllic hiking trail is particularly suited for families. Host Peter Juhre has many more suggestions around the Königssee for you!

Bike pause at the Königssee

Cycling at the Königssee

Cooling off in crystal-clear mountain lake water

Schifffahrt am Königssee

Königssee cruise

On the alpine lake to St. Bartholomä

Ship cruise on the Königssee

Start your two-hour cruise on the Königssee at the Seelände in Schönau according to the current schedule, at least every half hour in summer and even more frequently if necessary. Glide into an alpine fairy-tale world on a ship and enjoy the views of the Watzmann, the surrounding high mountains, waterfalls and romantic corners. The captain elicits an echo with the flugelhorn reliably sounding back once or twice from the steep mountain hills.

During the warm season you can embark on hikes from the landing stages, such as from St. Bartholomä to the ice chapel, which is located inside the year-round snowfield on the foot of the Watzmann Ostwand, one of Bavaria’s most beautiful geotopes. Plan around two hours for the hike. If you have some time left after returning to the pilgrimage church, why not enjoy a snack in the inn with the lake view!

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Malerwinkel and Jennerbahn

A particularly romantic walk leads you from the ship’s landing stage in Schönau to the Malerwinkel. You shouldn’t miss out on the view of the Watzmann and the distinctive pilgrimage church St. Bartholomä. The name of this place stems from the painters (German “Maler”) that eternalised the beauty of the mountains in their paintings during the Romanticism period in the 19th century. Peter’s tip: the Malerwinkel is the perfect place for a declaration of love or a marriage proposal!

The Jennerbahn, the gondola cable car at the Königssee, quickly leads onto the mountain inviting hikers in summer and skiers in winter. Numerous hiking trails start at the middle and at the mountain station. Don’t miss out on the short path from the mountain station to the Jenner summit on 1,874 m. The view of the steep Watzmann Ostwand, the Königssee and the summit panorama are simply breath-taking! Six cable cars and lifts ensure skiing fun on eight kilometres of slopes in winter.

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Hiking at Ferienparadies Alpenglühn

Hiking fun in Bavaria

At the Königssee and on the Jenner

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